SAP Human Resource Career

Career Description

Being a SAP hr is a tough call as the requirement of the industry are facing alterations at a frequent level. As SAP is a software company its human resource consultant’s job is to recruit the best employees in the company along with administrating the various other issues in the firm such as the management of pay rolls, assignment of tasks, creation of functional units, time and event managements for the firm, etc.

How to Become a SAP Human Resource

An aspiring individual who wants to pursue his career in becoming the SAP hr requires understanding of the key features of the SAP module. One should know the basic steps involving in the management of an organization and its staff. Student who aspires of this career should be skilled enough to be able to assign the correct sort of tasks in an organization. One also needs to be good in finance to handle the pay roll systems.

SAP Human Resource Career Courses, Training, and Programs

The SAP hr career is also further subdivided into numerous categories as per the requirement of a particular company. However, for becoming an efficient SAP hr consultant one need to be aware of software designing, developing and timely delivery. A bachelor’s degree in the software generating discipline along with a post graduate degree in hr modules helps an aspirant to succeed in this type of career.

SAP Human Resource Career Schools/Colleges, Education

SAP-HCM is the required qualification module for becoming a successful SAP hr professional. Other courses may include managing the administrative and organizational tasks.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee

Georgia Southern University, Georgia

Central Michigan University, Michigan

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Institute for Information Technology Solutions, California

SAP Human Resource Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

A large number of reputed companies hire numerous efficient SAP hr consultants every year. The estimated salary of a SAP hr can be around $97000 per year.

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