School Bus Driver Career

School bus driver career is one of the most feasible options when it comes to choosing the career in the driving field. The job of school bus driver seems to be demanding as compared to the other jobs in the driving field; but it has some of the peculiarities which these other jobs do not have like fixed salary.

How to become a school bus driver?

The process of becoming a school bus driver involves acquiring the driving license for bus driving, the authorisation from the concerned authorities for shouldering the responsibility of driving a school bus and some basic training. There are not many types in the school bus driver career, since most of the schools require the same work ethics for the drivers of their school buses. There are certain exceptions to this conception, which occur very rarely.

school bus driver career: Qualification, Courses, Training:

The possession of the driving license of the bus is a must for the individual to pursue a career in bus driving. There are certain workshops which organised by the concerned authorities regarding the peculiarities of handling a school bus, which are also needed to be attended. Certification regarding the knowledge of the bus mechanics is also desirable.

school bus driver career: Schools, Colleges and Universities:

The popular educational institute which impart the transportation education give the necessary training and certification for becoming a school bus driver. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Berkeley – Institute of Transportation Studies, Berkeley
  • University of Minnesota, Minnesota – Centre for Transportation Studies, Minnesota

The training regarding the bus mechanics can also be obtained from the online learning institutes like the Colorado Technical University Online.

school bus driver career: Job opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment:

The salary of a school bus driver is usually higher than the salary of a regular bus driver. This is because they have to shoulder added responsibilities. The starting salary of school bus driver is usually around 250$ to 300$.

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