Securities Analyst Career

The main work of a securities analyst is to explore the various market conditions centering on securities issued by registered business entities. The securities analyst work in tandem with the financial managers and look after the various commercial issues in regards to the buying and selling of securities. The inventory stock of the securities is maintained by the securities analysts and moderated on a regular basis. The fund managers receive vital information from them and structure the investment portfolio of the concerned client.

How to become a securities analyst:

It is mandatory to attain an under-graduate degree in the field of accountancy or finance to pave one’s path to start a career as a securities analyst. Those who pursue economics or management studies are also benefitted at this context.

Few of the interested candidates also go for the master’s program in financial management or a subject close to this stream for strengthening prospects in getting the desired job of a securities analyst.

Courses, trainings, programs:

The course modules for becoming a securities analyst are designed by the eminent industry experts and renowned researchers. The training is provided in a structure that tests the advanced knowledge of securities management.

The programs are extensive in format and help in honing the skills of the candidates.

Securities Analyst career, schools/colleges, education:

The colleges in the US have special courses and study programs that help the interested candidates to become experts in the field of security analysis. The resources are up-to-date and the faculties who teach and perform research are of high standard.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Harvard University

Denver College

Emory University

University of Texas, College Station

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Securities analyst job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The segment of investment consulting is slowly gaining steam in the US economy after the moderation of recession. Banks and financial organization are recruiting securities analysts and the forecasts speak about further employment. The starting salary of a securities analyst is approximately around $ 55,000/annum excluding incentives.

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