Security Architect Career

Career Description:

The job of a Security Architect is that of responsibility and commitment. A security architect has the burden of applying a comprehensive and rigorous method for describing a current or future behaviour for an organisation’s security processes and other information security systems. In other words, he/she is required to design the basic security layout of an organisation and its processes.

How to become a Security Architect:

In order to become a Security Architect, a person needs to have a background of engineering and Information Technology. He/she should have pursued undergraduate studies in the field of IT and further training in architecture designing in order to apply for this job.

Security Architect Career courses, training and programs:

Additional training in computer systems is available through a number of sources and person who has completed such training is generally preferred over a person who hasn’t. System security can be physical and/or electronic. A Security Architect must be familiar with both kinds of system securities and he must possess a sound understanding of the same.

 Security Architect Career schools/colleges, education:

There are a large number of colleges based in the US which provide the required bachelor’s as well as master’s degree in computer science/engineering/Information Technology. The person must have passed with first class grades to apply for this job. A few of the top colleges are mentioned below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Stanford University, Stanford, California

University of California, Los Angeles, California

Cornell University, United States Ithaca, New York

 Security Architect job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

The remuneration statistics for the Security Architects have always been very promising. Even starting salary structure of a Security Architect is generally very generous. The range of salary for a Security Architect is generally from somewhere around $90K/annum to $120K/annum. Such a handsome salary is, no doubt, a major attraction for any individual.

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