Security Auditor Career

Career Description:

A security auditor generally embarks on a career of investigating and checking the various policies and systems operating in different companies so as to judge their security levels and provide reports accordingly. The job of a security auditor involves the task of scrutinizing every minute detail of the respective process, product, or service whose security is to be audited for. Most security auditors function in groups that are formed on the basis of the type and nature of projects being allocated. Any individual pursuing the career of a security auditor has to effectively report to supervising agencies regarding the particular job of security auditing, as assigned to him.

How to become a Security Auditor:

To qualify for pursuing a Security Auditor career, one has to compulsorily meet the educational prerequisites of above average high-school grades. Generally for auditors mathematics is a very important subject and the job of security auditors provides no exception.

Another most important requirement for qualification as a security auditor is to acquire an appropriate Bachelor’s Degree that provides complete and correct knowledge of the concerned field of study. Apart from the basic auditing skills and the required technical knowledge, the most crucial requirement for a security auditor at the job front is his/her communication skills.

Security Auditor Career Courses, Training, and Programs:

Most of the security auditor career courses and training programs conducted in the US comprise of imparting basic education in internal auditing and fraud detection skills that are inherent to security auditing. Important topics of coursework include Auditing practices and Revenue management, ethics and human resources auditing, governance strategies, Strategic risk and Stakeholder management training, etc.

All institutions offering degrees and training programs in Security Auditing include certification program popularly known as the Certified Information Systems Auditor [CISA], generally issued by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association [ISACA].

Security Auditor schools/colleges, education:

The US schools and colleges offering security auditor education are quite well-equipped with highly qualified professors and favorable teaching environment. The level of education provided is thus very high.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  1. Ashford University
  2. University of Phoenix
  3. Southern New Hampshire University
  4. Florida Tech University
  5. Northcentral University

Security auditor career job opportunities, salary/pay:

An average security auditor generally earns an annual salary of $79,000, though salaries may range as high as $1, 47,500 with increased standards of education and job expertise.

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