Security Director Career

Career Description:

A Security Director is the head of a private security force working for a business or industry. He could be in charge at a property level or at a corporate executive level. Being the head of such a private security force, he/she needs to be extremely responsible and committed to the job at hand. Such a person must possess sound judgement skills and rational thinking.

How to become a Security Director:

A Security Director does not directly provide protection. The Director is responsible for supervision, coordination, research and communication with the security officers. In order to become a Security Director, the person must have formal education in any field. A must is knowledge of security systems, firearms safety and surveillance. A basic associate degree in Criminal Justice is also considered a requirement for this job profile.

 Security Director Career courses, training and programs:

Along with basic undergraduate and post-graduate education, it is expected for the Security Director to possess law enforcement training. Also experience as a formal police officer, or completing a program in police science and/or criminal justice also helps as it gives the person firsthand experience in the concerned field.

 Security Director Career schools/colleges, education:

A degree in a particular field is not required. However the person must possess an associate degree in criminal justice from any college. A large number of colleges and Universities offer this degree within the US. Some of the top ones are mentioned below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona

Kaplan University, Davenport

Dover Business College, Clifton, New Jersey

Westwood College, Houston

Virginia College, Columbia

 Security Director Job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

A Security Director is generally paid a higher level of remuneration than the normal law enforcement units because of his expertise and knowledge in the concerning field. The salary of a Security Director is generally between $50K/annum to $75K/annum, with perks extra.

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