Security Protective Services Career

Security protective services career refers to a profession where you are given responsibility of ensuring the safety of a person or persons from any external factors that may try to cause harm to him. Although it can generally refer to any security protective agency providing its services, it mainly means agents that are hired by the US Department of State in order to protect its senior officials and diplomats. They have a very important role to play in the safety of the officials especially in foreign countries which are politically unstable and riot-prone.

How to become a security protective services Worker:

In order to become a security protective services worker, you need a minimum of high school degree, must be a US citizen, must be 20 years of age and have some experience in domestic or international security operations. They will have to pass a medical examination, a written and oral test, preferably know a foreign language and have training in firearms usage.

Security protective services career courses, training, programs:

You first need to get a high school degree or clear GED. After that all the agents need to complete 19 weeks of initial training/orientation at the Diplomatic Security Training Center and the Foreign Service Institute. DC. Here you will get training in firearms, first aid, physical fitness, personal defensive tactics etc.

Security protective services career schools/colleges, education:

You can get educated in any institute to get a job in this area because the basic degree is a high school degree. Here are a few more details about higher degrees in this field.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of Maryland University College

DeVry University

University of Phoenix

California State University Long Beach

Security protective services career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

The job outlook is good and one can get a salary of $73,000 plus allowances a year, depending on where he is posted.

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