Site Engineer Career

Site engineer are those people whose job is to do constructional, technical and supervision work at any construction site. The work at the construction site can include building and constructing of roads, sewers, pavements, footpaths etc. The role that the site engineers play at these work places include designing and planning which can range from small budget projects to huge money spinning ones. The departments covered by them usually include of railways, roads, civil and all the other kinds of infrastructural projects.

How to become a site engineer

It is important for the applicants applying to the field of site engineering to be Graduates of the field of Civil Engineering. One has to be a high school certificate holder along with possessing a Bachelors degree. It is always preferable for the applicant to have done his Masters in the same field. The in-depth knowledge of the materials and equipments used is one of the main qualities of a site engineer. He should be quick to analyse situations and act on urgent changes in plans and designs.

Site engineer courses, training and programs

A person who has completed his graduation in either geotechnical, structural, materials, construction or urban engineering can qualify to become a site engineer. Before the start of practice, one needs to have a training certificate from a reputed company. If a person has a diploma in a structural, construction or technical field, then he stands a better chance to become a site engineer.

Top 5 colleges and universities

Stanford University

University of California

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Illinois

California Institute of Technology

Site engineering job opportunities, salary and recruitment

This is a vast field which deals with a lot of sub categories. Since it is an ever growing field of work and never goes out of fashion, therefore there is huge number of job opportunities in this field. The salary that one can earn can be anywhere near $3000 per month.

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