Social Media Career

The social media career involves the management of social media strategies in order to create public awareness.  This type of career opens doors for various job positions such as coordinators, administrators, and managers.  The social media manager takes on tasks in implementing social media strategies, coordinating with the marketing and public relations staff, collaborating with product development staff, managing and evaluating social media campaigns, managing presence in various social networking sites, managing blogger programs, and monitoring social media trends.

He is to maintain and update a client’s account on Twitter, Facebook, and other community sites.  The social media manager must have excellent communication, organization, management and computer skills.  One must be analytical, creative and have an eye for detail.  Being able to multitask is another important qualification that a social media manager should have.

How to become a Social Media Manager

To become a social media manager, one must earn a degree in communications, public relations, marketing, media management or any other related field.  Gain relevant experience. Become familiar with the different social media platforms.  One must be able to effectively express ideas and information in both verbal and written format.  Skills in project management and organization are also a requirement.

Social Media Courses, training, programs

A communications degree provides the necessary background for an individual pursuing a career in social media. The program covers courses in communication, communication studies, communication principles, public speaking, business and professional communication, mass communication, research methods, communication theories.  Internships are provided for students to be able to gain relevant practical experience.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio

University of Wisconsin at Madison, Wisconsin

Kaplan University (online learning, multiple locations across America)

Southern New Hampshire University, New Hampshire

Social Media Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A social media manager has an opportunity to earn from $25,451 to $71,383 per year. The salary is dependent on the work location, employer, experience, and benefits.  Employment may be found in various industries such as marketing, advertising, media management, internet and new media, public relations, special events, and education. 

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