Social Service Casework Supervisor Career

Career Description:

A Social Service Casework Supervisor is one who advices the clients on handling their personal and professional crisis. Most professionals work as social service casework supervisor on a part time basis as this a not for profit job. However being a supervisor entails huge responsibilities on the shoulders of a professional in this field. The client’s problems need to be understood in detail, the client needs to be counseled on that is the best alternative to come out of the situation, and improve the personal or professional standing of the client. Generally a supervisor overlooks the responsibilities of other social service case workers for the effective functioning of the services.

How to become a Social Service Casework Supervisor:

To become a social service casework supervisor, the aspiring candidates should pursue Bachelor’s degree in social service and then take up part time or full time work as a social service case worker. A few years of work experience in the relevant field of social service can make the candidate a social service casework supervisor.

Social Service Casework Supervisor Career courses, training, programs:

Various courses and training programs provide students skills like understanding social issues, segmenting the population depending on the privileges enjoyed and making the living standards of the less privileged better.

Social Service Casework Supervisor Career schools/colleges, education:

There are many colleges and universities in US that provide courses like humanities, social services, public health programs, etc that teach the basic skills to become a social service supervisor.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Colorado Technical University

University in Phoenix

Walden University

Liberty University

University of the Rockies

Social Service Casework Supervisor job opportunities, salaries/pay, and recruitment:

National Salary Data estimates by PayScale research estimates that the compensation figures of a social service caseworm supervisor per year is in the range $33, 000 and $73, 000. The level of compensation will grow with the level of education and expertise in the relevant field of social work.

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