Social Services Case Manager Career

Career Description:

A Social services case manager is one who provides social support to different kinds of patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, other medical facilities, etc. They provide counseling and clinical therapy to these patients. They counsel them on emotional disturbances, psychological difficulties, rehabilitation from shock or injury, etc. They plan, organize, and execute the social services of the firm to achieve their collective goals.

How to become a Social Services Case Manager:

There is no formal mandatory education to become a social services case manager. But an educational background in any kind of social work could serve as an added advantage. The skills needed to become a social services case manager is the managerial, organizational skills along with expertise in social services. One needs to complete post graduation to get the managerial role in social services.

Social Services Case Manager Career courses, training, programs:

There are various trainings provided by schools and colleges that can impart essential skills like counseling the client, helping him or her set personal goals and achieve them. They need to develop empathy with the clients and suggest them feasible solutions. Courses in psychology, emotional counseling, development, etc can help.

Social Services Case Manager Career schools/colleges, education:

Many schools and colleges are spread all across the US that assist candidates who want to become a Social Services case manager. These universities are the one of the best in this field and can make individual adept at handling the responsibilities as a social services case manager well.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Ashford University

Grand Canyon University

University of Phoenix

University of the Rockies

Walden University

Social Services Case Manager Job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

PayScale has conducted salary estimates all over the US and found that the National Salary data shows the annual compensation of a social services case manager to be in the range $24,000 to $43, 000. Opportunities can be found mostly in the government sector and independent organizations.

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