Social Work Careers

Social work careers

Social work careers are best suited for those who have an innate desire to help others.  Acareer in social work gives you an opportunity to assist people with problems of various kinds.  These problems could be related to social, domestic, employment, educational or other factors.  Social work careers would also include jobs like data collection, research, planning and development etc.

The minimum requirement tobecome a social workeris a bachelor’s degree.  Even for entry-level jobs, a four year degree in Social work is a pre-requisite.  With the increase in competition forsocial work jobs, many people are now opting to do Master’s which improves their career prospects.

Generally, social workers are classified on the basis of the work they do.  Broadly, they can be classified intothree types:Child, Family and School social workers; Medical and public healthworkersand thirdly, Mental health and Substance abusesocial workers.   Other types of social work include those involved in administration, planning and policy making, developing and implementing social welfare programs etc.

Social work skillsinvolve not only the will to help others but the mental strength to interact with troubled people on a day to day basis.  Social workers must be very good listeners who are able to empathize when people tell them their problems.  Though it can be an extremely satisfying and fulfilling job,social work jobs can be quite demanding both mentally and physically.

Social workers are expected to be emotionally stable, rational and mature individuals.  Some social work positions require candidates to work independently and responsibly, while others require working in a team.  In either case, you must be very good at interpersonal and communication skills.

Social workers are usually expected to handle multiple cases at a time, and the pressure of work can be a bit stressful at times.  Generally, social work jobs involve putting in a standard 40 hour work week.  However, sometimes, you are expected to work in the weekends and evenings to suit the clients’ requirements or to tackle any emergencies.

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Child Support Officer Career

Child Welfare Caseworker Career

Clinical Social Work Therapist Career

Clinical Social Worker Career

Crisis Hotline Specialist Career

Family Counselor Career

Probation and Parole Officer Career

Prison Social Worker Career

Public Housing Advisor Career

Social Services Case Manager Career

Social Service Casework Supervisor Career

Social Service Caseworker Career

Adoption Specialist Career

Child Development Specialist Career

Mental Health Social Worker Career

Social Worker Career

Substance Abuse Program Coordinator Career

Vocational Specialist Career

Youth Programs Social Worker Career

Social Work Services Director Career

Social Services Assistant Career

Substance Abuse Counselor Career

Medical Social Worker Career

School Social Worker Career

Community Service Career

Social Services Career

Child Protective Service Career

Social Welfare Career

School Counselor Career

Social Services Case Worker Career

Family Service Counselor Career

School Guidance Counselor Career

Probation Officer Career

College Counselor Career

Child Care Counselor Career

Child Counselor Career

Social Work Supervisor Career

Volunteer Coordinator Career

Mental Health Clinician Career

Family Intervention Specialist Career

Special Events Coordinator Career

Youth Care Worker Career

Youth Coordinator Career

Youth Advocate Career

Youth Leader Career

Youth Program Coordinator Career

Youth Program Director Career

Youth Specialist Career

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