Social Worker Career

Career Description:

A Social worker is a person whose main aim is to contribute to the society at large in one or multiple ways. The goal is not to make profit or money out of the work, but to benefit the community in ways like providing better employment opportunities, better healthcare facilities, better nutrition, good education, etc. Opportunities are found in government, entrepreneurial, and independent organizations.

How to become a Social Worker:

To become a social worker, one should possess the relevant knowledge and experience in that area. Candidates should pursue their Bachelor’s degree in schools and universities that provide courses and specialization in that particular area. The most important skill to work in the social services space is to have understanding of social concerns and should have the will to address them by garnering support from partners like students, government and private organizations, media, etc.

Social Worker Career courses, training, programs:

Candidates should at least complete their Bachelor’s Degree in their field of interest. They can then take up part time or weekend employment at a social service firm. One can also work as volunteer in any social entrepreneurial initiative.

Social Worker Career schools/colleges, education:

Courses are provided in many schools and universities across the US that teaches courses like corporate governance, humanities, social development, etc. These courses teach social issues like poverty, unemployment, poor health and nutrition, harmful effects of emissions, global warming, etc.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

American Inter Continental University

University of Phoenix – Healthcare

Grand Canyon University Online

Dominican University

Colorado State University

Social Worker job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

Salaries in the social service space have traditionally been low owing to the aim to make it not-for-profit and beneficial to the society. However the pay has been increasing because of the corporate social integration initiatives of firms that benefit corporate and communities together. The compensation of a social worker is approximately of the range $24,000 to $50,000.

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