Software Consultant Career

Career Description:

Present day businesses and IT firms use numerous software applications and solutions to streamline the business functions and the software consultants need to identify the needs of a company and recognize the right software solution to suit the company requirements and upgrade their profits within a period. It is the software consultant’s responsibility to identify the weak areas and suggest suitable solutions. The software consultant also has to identify the limitations in certain software development processes and suggest ways to get over them.

How to Become a Software Consultant:

Once a person has completed his schooling, they need to go for a Bachelor’s Degree in either Computer Science or Business Administration. They also need to have sufficient knowledge about the working of database OS or operating systems like Linux, Mac and Microsoft Windows. A networking course would be great help in this regard. One might consider going for a Masters degree in Software Engineering. One should be into software engineering profession for at least 5 years. To add to the experiences one can try to develop their own software entirely.

Software Consultant Courses, Training and Programs:

There are numerous courses and training programs to train software engineers and business executives to act as software consultants. One can do Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies, go for Computer Science or Computer Engineering courses to be able to determine the functions and development processes of various software solutions. One must have training on software development. Their knowledge should include training on suitable software selection.

Software Consultant Career Schools/colleges, education:

There are many schools and colleges including universities that give the best training in software engineering, computer engineering, computer science and business studies. The University of Phoenix offers quality training on Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Software Engineering. They also have online classes for the students availing distance studying facilities.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Florida Institute of Technology

  • Michigan Technological University

  • Milwaukee School of Engineering

  • University of Phoenix

Software Consultant Job Opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment:

A software consultant having a vista of openings can work as a SAP consultant. They can even function as a CRM consultant or even as an ERP trainer for different organizations as a full time employee or as a freelancer. On an average a software consultant earns between $500000 – $600000 and above.

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