Software Specialist Career

Career Description

The software specialists are the specialised professionals who assist in the development and maintenance of software. They are highly trained and technically proficient people who carry a thorough know-how about the software and their applications. Most of the trained software specialist carries numerous certifications to attain specialisation in specific software field. They can also attain relevant degree to work in the field of software technology.

How to Become a Software Specialist

To become a software specialist one must have keen interest in latest technology and in their applications. The software specialists must carefully plan their career pattern and a bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming or in IT can give them a good kick start. This profession demands focused efforts and strong interpersonal skills.

Software Specialist Career Courses, Training, and Programs

An efficient software specialist must understand latest programs which are used in designing the software. Bachelor degree can only offer an entry level job but to move on the career ladder the candidate can go for numerous certification programs. These programs are designed to offer the complete knowledge about the software technologies. Some of the very common and useful certifications are database theory and application course, power point presentation course, word processing course and website design course.

Software Specialist Career Schools/Colleges, Education

Many universities and colleges put forward specialised courses in software development. The candidate can earn a specialised IT degree from a renowned university. Software specialists are the most sought after career these days which offer numerous career opportunities to the candidates.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

University of Pennsylvania

Kaplan University

Strayer University

University of Phoenix

Software Specialist Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

A software specialist can expect an average annual salary of $55,300 which increases according to the work experience of the candidate. Various certifications are very useful in salary enhancement and many candidates keep acquiring these certificates along with their job. In some cases employer also provide specialised certificates to their employees.

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