Soil Scientist Career

The world of the soil scientist revolves around the conservation and management of the soil.  The soil affects plant growth, animals and human beings.  It is in the study of how the soil is interconnected with its inhabitants that makes the soil scientists career amazing.  Soil scientists take on the responsibility of classifying the soil, checking its fertility and its value.  This will help farmers and landowners know how to use their land efficiently and effectively.   A soil scientist’s world is not as simple and as easy as you think but this is one career path worth taking.

How to become a Soil Scientist

Gaining skills in math, biology, chemistry and communication will give one an edge in taking this career path.  One must get a bachelor’s degree in Soil Science or Environmental Soil Science.  The choice will depend whether one wants to focus more on food production or soil conservation.  One can get a certification and become part of soil science organizations.   Earning a bachelor’s degree is enough to get you a good job but one can pursue a master’s or doctoral degree to help one get a career promotion.  Pursuing higher studies are also required for positions on management, teaching and research.

Soil Scientist Courses, training, programs

While studying a soil science degree there are opportunities for internships and programs that gives an individual enough experience to land that dream job.  Gaining practical or hands-on experience through various training programs gives aspiring soil scientists a well-rounded education.  This in turn gives the individual the much needed skill and knowledge.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Michigan State University

Oklahoma State University

University of Florida

University of Wisconsin

Colorado State University

Soil Scientist Jobs opportunities, salaries/pay

A soil scientist can choose to work in a government agency or a private company.  This career entails one to do much field work but indoor work is also required.  Soil scientists have a chance to travel and work in flexible hours.  Since one is not working in a routine, the job becomes an exciting experience.  The salary of a soil scientist may range from $39,305 to $72,872.

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