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Art has been an integral part of the human life. From cave paintings of the Paleolithic age to the graphic designs of today, everything around us that has been created and innovated can be considered art. And the ones who dwell within art are known as artists. As art has evolved, so have the artists. Numerous varieties of art are practiced nowadays. Special effect is one of them.

This art form is mainly used in the visual mass media to create various forms of illusions and effects on screen. A person who opts for a career as a special effect artist has the job of creating these illusions. He is responsible for bringing the virtual world alive in our drawing rooms.

How to become a special effect artist:

To become a special effects artist, one needs to have interest in graphics and art and aesthetics. There are a number of degrees which will come to your aid in becoming a special effect artist. Along with the interests mentioned earlier, one can pursue a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, animation, sculpture and theatre. Other programs that offer diplomas include multimedia designing, visual effects, computer animation, etc.

It is important to develop and improve your portfolio. Also, always grab internship opportunities under established special effects professionals who work for studios or as free lancers.

Special effect artist career: courses, training, programs.

The courses one pursues to become a special effects artist teach the candidate different visual effects and special effects techniques that one can employ. New computer technologies are the focal point of learning. A special effects artists’ job is to leave the audience in awe and this can be achieved in any medium.

Special effects artist career: schools/ colleges/ education.

Enrolling in a proper graduation school provides one with the basic technical know-how that is required by all who wish to take up special effect art as a career. One should get diplomas in the beginning and then enroll in universities as it will lend a finer touch to your abilities. But one should not forget that grooming and public relations is also a very important aspect of people who have chosen to be a special effect artist as a career.

Top 5 Universities.

  • New York University
  • University of Portland
  • Michigan state University
  • Harvard University
  • Cambridge University

Special effects artist: Salary/ job prospect/ recruitment.

Salary of a special effect artist ranges from between $32000-$35000 but there is always a room for improvement. The salary increases in cities and with the experiences growing under ones belt.

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