Sports Careers

Sports careers


USA can be ranked among the most sports loving countries in the world.  Sports industry is a high-profile, multi-billion dollar industry here, and there are many options available for people with the right talent and attitude.

Sports careers are for those who are ready to put in a lot of sweat and hard work.  Sports careers offer different paths, to suit different aptitudes.  Depending on the career path you have chosen, the requisite qualifications vary.

If you want to pursue your sports career as an athlete, you must have immense talent and combine it with vigorous training.  To be asports instructor or a coach, you will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  Those opting for sports and fitness managementmay require a degree in management along with some previous experience in sports.

The type of sporting career depends on the choice of sport you have chosen as well.  Football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey are among the more popular sports that people choose, while opting for a sports career.

High standards of physical fitness are expected in most of the sporting careers.  Depending on the sport you have chosen, most sports require outdoor activities.  You may be exposed to inclement weather and should be able to take in the stress and strain of working outdoors.  Sports careers also involve a lot of travelling, as sporting events are conducted in different parts of the country.

career in sports requires good communication and leadership skills.   You must also be flexible and have good self-motivational skills.  It is imperative to have good sportsmanship spirit, if you want to be a professional player.

A career in sports demands irregular working hours.  You may often work on weekends and holidays and also in the evenings.  The standard 40 hour work week is seldom followed here.  The work schedule can be quite hectic and stressful during the sports season.

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  1. shahid tariq says:

    My name is Shahid Tariq and i am 21 years old(8-12-1990),I have been interested in sports since my childhood,I am from Pakistan and you might know that in Pakistan there in no scope of games,i am expert in martial arts,martial art weapons,kick boxing MUAY THAY, WUSHU KUNGFU ,BOXING.
    Its my passion to play such games
    i have following experiences:
    1) I won Gold medal in worlds first best of the best marital arts championship – Tehran (it is to be noted that over 80 countries participated in this competition)
    2) Bronze medal in kick boxing -Mashhad (Iran)
    3) national player for kick boxing – Abbotabad (Pakistan)
    4) Punjab national game player-(Pakistan)
    5) All Pakistan kick boxing champion
    6) District champion for kick boxing -Rawalpindi (Pakistan)
    7) Pakistan ARMY national team

    I have done my and now i am currently doing my semester) from ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD (PAKSITAN)

    i belong to a poor family,i am financially not very strong, i will be really be thankful to you if you could get me a sponsorship from European or American country or let me play from thier side….

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