Sports Development Manager Career

Getting people to be interested in sports through various sports program is a job for a sports development manager.  He must be able to plan, strategize, and organize sports programs that will be able to provide sport opportunities for people to be engaged in.  This is a very dynamic and challenging career.   One can find himself laboring and enjoying himself at the same time.  The career of a sports development manager is able to touch and change the lives of people through sports.  Sports development management is both financially and socially rewarding career.

How to become a Sports Development Manager

The career of a sports development manager is born out of a love for sports.  One must secure a degree in sports and recreation management.   From an associate or bachelor’s degree, one can pursue further studies.  A master’s degree in sports development and management will give one a better chance to land an employment in a sports institution, organization or school.  Aside from a degree, one must get involved in internships.  Internships shall provide an avenue for experience and skills training.

Sports Development Manager Courses, training, programs

Sports and development management deal with sports science and recreation management.  Students are both trained in the academics and in character.  A student is trained in leadership, communication and management.  Internships, on the other hand, gives an overview of what one has to do in the actual sport development and management.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Massachusetts

Bowling Green State University

University of Texas-Austin

University of South Carolina

Northwestern University

Sports Development Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Sports development managers can find his second home in various sports agencies, non profit organizations or educational institutions.  There are various chances for growth.  A sports development manager’s career involves continuing one’s education through updating oneself with new sports techniques and trends.  One may find himself in new situations and challenges each day.  The average annual salary of a sports development manager is $50,000.  Indeed this is a career where one can experience financial rewards doing what one really wants to do.  Sports, management, travel all rolled into one.

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