State Farm Insurance Career

State Farm has various financial services and insurance products.  It may be auto insurance, property insurance, life insurance, health insurance, small business insurance, mutual funds, education plans, loans, financial cards, and more.  There are also many career opportunities at the State Farm.

Some of the career opportunities may be in actuarial, banking, claims, administration, customer service, creative service, facilities management, finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, training, legal, marketing, advertising, research, public relations, underwriting.  Opportunities for internships are also available at the State Farm.  The most popular career position in the State Farm is that of an agent.  The state farm insurance agent must have the commitment and time to build the business to become successful.  He is tasked to generate leads, make policy presentations, and make sure that needs of the clients are met.

How to become a State Farm Insurance Agent

To become a state farm insurance agent, one has to have at least a degree in business, marketing or other business-related field.  Gain relevant experience in sales and marketing.  One must also have a recruiting experience.  One must exude business leadership skills as well.  Obtain a license to work as an insurance agent.  Earning opportunities and professional growth depends on how determined and motivated one is. An individual with a drive to serve and expand his earning potential is likely to succeed in this type of career.

State Farm Insurance Courses, training, programs

A business degree will help one gain the necessary skills and knowledge for this type of career.  The program covers courses such as accounting, business law and ethics, management, marketing, economics, business finance, business statistics, accounting transactions, business decisions, and business strategies.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Stanford University, California

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan), Massachusetts

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Pennsylvania

Northwestern University (Kellogg), Illinois

State Farm Insurance Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A State Farm insurance agent has the opportunity to earn an average of $75,357 per year.  The salary would depend on one’s selling ability, commission and bonuses.  Employment may be found in various office locations of State Farm.

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