Strength and Conditioning Coach Career

A career as strength and conditioning coach is one career where one walks the talk.  Since one looks after the physical condition and performance of others, he must be perfectly fit as well.  It is a job where one coaches and motivates other people to reach their full athletic potential.  As a coach, one must be able to pass on what he had personally experienced and what he trained for.  He must be able to bring others to the level of his own training.  He is able to develop programs that will help students to develop strength and endurance.  A passion in sports may lead you to becoming the most sought after strength and conditioning coach.

How to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach

Aside from personal experience there is a bigger opportunity for aspiring coaches to get formal education.  One may get a degree in the field of athletic science.  A certificate or an associate degree in the same field is also favorable.  Do check the various related programs offered of the college or university of your choice.  Apply for an internship since this is will earn you a certification.  One can get his certification from any sports agencies.  This will give one an edge when applying for a coach position in any institution.

Strength and Conditioning Coach Courses, training, programs

Getting formal training in the aspects of physical education, exercise science and its related fields gives one the necessary knowledge and skills.  On the other hand, one must also train himself into getting in shape.  Internships available for aspiring coaches give practical and hands-on experience.  One must also be equipped with excellent communication and people skills.  Being a coach means being the leader.  One must get trained to be able to lead and make leaders out of the people he coaches.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Michigan

Shenandoah University

Ohio State University

University of Florida

University of Texas at Austin

Strength and Conditioning Coach Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A coach may find employment in schools or professional sports organizations.  This career entails one to earn an average salary of $37,000 annually.

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