Supply Chain Consultant Career

Career Description:

Supply chain management is defined as a combination of science and arts that goes to improve the way a company finds raw materials needed to manufacture a product or service and deliver the same to the customers. Supply chain consultants are professionals engaged by a company for performing functions through research, evaluation and the best practice implementation. He could be employed with a company or an independent consultant.

How to become a supply chain consultant:

Employees usually seek candidates having a four-year degree. Common subjects include procurement, supply chain management, finance, operations, engineering, business administration etc. Other relevant subjects are also accepted. Working experience is desirable.

Supply chain consultants must have good planning skills and should be forward thinkers with forward thinking ability. He must also be a good team player with good communication skills. Besides, attention to details, technological proficiency and problem solving abilities are necessary virtues.

Supply chain consultant career courses, training and programs:

Entry-level positions require an undergraduate degree. As you go on adding experience, more opportunities would come by. You can go for an MBA in supply chain management for advancing in your career.

Supply chain consultant career schools/colleges, education:

Taking up finance or commerce at the school level may give you some idea about logistics and materials management. However, specialized education on these subjects can only happen at a later level.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Pennsylvania State University

Missouri University

University of Texas, College Station

University of Florida

Colorado State University

Supply chain consultant job opportunities, salaries/pay:

In the US, the average salary of a supply chain consultant is about $92,314 per annum. Leading agencies have predicted employment in the sector to remain stable and healthy. The whole supply chain management domain includes jobs as a buyer, warehouse manager, purchasing agent, production control analyst, inventory manager, logistics manager and materials manager. The sector is expected to witness exponential growth in the coming years.

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