Tattoo Artist Career

Career description:-

A tattoo artist is required to design life resembling images on the body of their clients. The job position offers an intellectual joy of indulging in creative works. They consult their clients on what sort of images the client wants and then work accordingly.

The color, shape, placement and designing of the tattoo are tailor made according to the desire of the client. The job can be performed in a few minutes or even a few days. A flair for producing enticing work and a dedicated effort are the essentials for pursuing this career.

How to become a tattoo artist:-

To become a tattoo artist the aspirant must possess exceptional artistic skills. A constructive attitude is very much needed for this job position. The candidate should have a vital instinct of inquisitiveness embedded in him/ her. A good communication skill is also needed to communicate effectively with the clients.

Tattoo artist courses, training program:-

The candidate should take fine art classes to polish his/ her raw art skills. The candidate must have passed high school. There is no particular course for this career. The formal training for this job position can be acquired through apprenticeship training under a well established tattoo artist. The training usually longs for two to three years.

Tattoo artist career, school/ colleges education:-

Through the training the candidate acquires the knowledge of handling and maintenance of the equipments. He/ she also remain up to date with regard to the latest trends in the tattoo industry. They get acquainted with the manner in which the clients are to be dealt. The training provides them the sense of detailing which is used in converting client’s desires into a realistic phenomenon.

Top 5 Colleges/ University:-

  1. New York Academy of Art
  2. Texas Tech University
  3. Tattoo Club of Great Britain
  4. International Institute of Tattoo
  5. World’s Only Tattoo School, Louisiana

Tattoo artist job opportunity, salary and recruitment:-

The mean salary for a tattoo artist is nearly $ 34,000. The salary varies significantly according to the experience, skills and the location of the artist.

Harvard University

  • Cambridge University

Special effects artist: Salary/ job prospect/ recruitment.

Salary of a special effect artist ranges from between $32000-$35000 but there is always a room for improvement. The salary increases in cities and with the experiences growing under ones belt.

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