Tattoo Designer Career

Although the job of a tattoo designer may look simple, it takes a lot of effort to become a professional tattoo designer. Tattoo designers have more responsibilities that just simply applying a permanent piece of artwork on a part of body of a person like an arm, leg or waist. A tattoo designer should have the necessary education of the artwork, the safety precautions to be taken before applying the tattoo on a part of the body and should have the ability to advertise his or her work of art from his or her potential client base.

How to become a Tattoo Designer:

There are no formal education courses that are designed specifically for tattoo designers. However there are various programs on different forms of artwork including tattoo making in some of the familiar institutes in the United States. Students can take courses from these colleges and universities and start working in this profession to gain the necessary experience and networks.

Tattoo Designer career courses, training, programs:

There are some training programs that are conducted by institutes which teach how to make new tattoo designs and how are they to be apply with due diligence in safety precautions. They also teach how to increase the people to be targeted for providing their services.

Tattoo Designer career schools/colleges, education:

Many colleges and universities are available that teach courses in tattoo designing. Some of the best known colleges providing these courses are listed below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Pearl River Community College

Ball State University

Grand Valley State University

University of South Florida

California State Polytechnic University

Tattoo Designer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Tattoo Designer is a new field of interest and is in demand in most sectors including fashion designing companies, film industry, and art design companies. Employers expect a work experience of 1-4 years for the position of a Tattoo Designer. According to the salary estimates by Pay Scale and released through the National Salary Data, the annual compensation of a Tattoo Designer ranges from $20,000 to $54,000 with the median salary hovering around $37,000 per year.

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