Tax Accountant Career

A Tax Accountant has the primary responsibility of either helping people or advising them about filling their taxes or is also sometimes hired by business organisations and individuals to file taxes in the proper and correct manner. A tax accountant must be well educated as far as accounting and finance studies are concerned and should possess an ample amount of work experience as well. The following is a description of the career of a tax accountant.

How to become a Tax Accountant:

Any individual who is interested in becoming a tax accountant needs to complete high school level studies with a passing certificate and then go on to do graduation from an accredited university of college with attention on subjects like taxing, accountancy, mathematics and finance etc. Some companies might even ask for a master’s degree in accountancy for anyone to be employed at the position of a tax accountant.

Tax Accountant career courses, training, and programs:

The undergraduate course in accountancy may provide with the basic and specialized knowledge of accounts, tax, finance and maths etc whereas certain training programs or certificate courses with specialization in accountancy will be able to train the candidates so that they are well polished as far as filing taxes etc are concerned. A person who has done graduation in business administration would have to pursue a short term course or program which focuses on taxing and accountancy.

Tax Accountant career schools/colleges, education:

There are several graduate schools, colleges and universities which provide education in accountancy and taxing. These graduation colleges generally offer a 3 year of a 4 year bachelor’s course, apart from which the post graduate program may last for either 1 year or 2 years. Other educational institutions may just offer training programs and short term accountancy and tax related courses.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Boston College

University of Hawaii,

New York University

North Carolina University

Tax Accountant job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average median salary of a tax accountant is $61000 and this amount may vary depending upon the work experience, skills and educational qualifications of the candidate.

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