Tax Collectors Career

A tax collectors career as it simply suggests is collecting tax, which could be from individuals, companies, or other areas. As a tax collector, one needs to maintain personal contact with taxpayers, accountants, attorneys, and other representatives from law and taxation. A tax collector spends most of their time in the field collecting delinquent tax payments. Apart from this, one will also be responsible for conducting preliminary analysis of various taxation cases, ordering cases, scheduling appointments, preparing administrative and taxation reports, and checking cases for closure. The job requires strong analytical skills and the ability to make effective judgment.

How to become a tax collector:

Those who are interested in pursuing a tax collectors career need to hold an undergraduate degree in accounting. Some of the educational options available include Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Business, and Bachelor of Science in Finance. One can complete their undergraduate program and then join as a trainee in tax collection and taxation. The other alternative is to complete a Master’s of Business Administration in Tax Accounting. An undergraduate program in accounting or finance will be a four year course while a graduate program will be additional two years.

Tax collector career courses, training, programs:

A tax collectors career lies mostly within the confines of the state government or the Federal government or IRS (Internal Revenue Service). A prospective tax collector needs to not only learn about taxation but should possess sound knowledge of law and various areas of finance and accounts. He/she needs to have other skills as well like persistence, which will be put to the test while getting individuals and businesses to cough up their unpaid taxes. Some of the other skill sets that a tax collector should have include effective communication skills, knowledge of computers, written and spoken skills, and ability to provide tax solutions.

Tax collector career schools/colleges, education:

There are several top colleges and universities in the USA that offer undergraduate and graduate program in accounting or finance.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Northwestern University (Kellogg)

Harvard University

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

University of Chicago (Booth)

Tax collector job opportunities, salaries/pay:

According to the market analysis of top consultants, the salary of a tax collector varies from $35,000 – $105,000 per annum. The average salary for a tax collector in the US is $85,000 per annum.

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