An assistant teacher career involves providing help to a class teacher. You may be required to carry out some lessons or perform other clerical duties to ensure efficient running of the classroom. Teachers usually have so many duties to perform as they have to oversee quite a number of children and will need assistance to see this done. You should be able to deal with a wide range of personalities and handle various settings.

How to become a teacher assistant

Get a High School Diploma. Rarely will an institution hire a teacher assistant who does not yet have a high school Diploma

Get a college education for at least two years. Though you do not need to have a degree, some level of college education is usually recommended

Should have had previous experience working with children

Most states require that potential teacher assistants take a state test. This is to gauge your level of general knowledge and see if you are fit to teach.

Get hands on experience when you are working. You will need to be extremely flexible and helpful. Some schools will ask you to do some sort of induction training first before being accepted as fully fledged assistant teacher

It would be advisable to study a foreign language. This will make you more marketable since bilingual teachers are in high demand.

Assistant Types Description, Information

You may chose to follow an assistant teacher career and work in a particular grade level or work in a range of grades with children of different ages. You may also be required to aid in managing a whole classroom of students or just one particular student.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

You will need at least 45-90 hours of college credits. You can also get a teacher training certificate to qualify for an assistant teacher career.

Get an Associates degree in 2 years

You should have a pass in your O-Levels and GCSEs especially in Math and English,

Classes in the assistant teacher training certification online courses involve Pastoral care, Literacy and Numeracy and Classroom management.

You are also required to pass your state tests for teachers

Schools, Colleges, Universities offering Teaching Degree

It is a prerequisite to sit for entrance exams before being allowed to join Programs in some colleges

TOP 5 colleges for Assistant Teacher Training

Dordt College

University of Phoenix-Cleveland Campus

Valparaiso University

Miami Dade College

Tiffin University

Jobs, Opportunities, Pay, Recruitment

Job prospects for assistant teachers are set to grow by 10% annually until 2016. You can chose to work full time or part time as an assistant teacher. How much you earn on the job will vary according to your job description. The average pay for full time assistant teachers is $33,000. The average pay ranged from $14,000-$23,000 by 2002. If you are searching for jobs some of the places you can conduct an assistant teachers job search is the weekly or fortnightly bulletins produced by Local Education Councils. You can also contact schools directly or look in newspapers.

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