Types of teacher careers, description and information

Types of Teachers

The option of choosing the particular level or the subject you want to teach is with you.  This option can be exercised with the right qualifications.

Pre-school teachersare required to mainly teach through play and interactive activities.  You will be required to make the learning process interesting by including story-telling, rhyme games and acting games.  Such play-way methods are used to introduce the pre-school children to enhance their vocabulary and language skills.  This is also the right time to develop social skills in the children.  Degree is an added advantage here, but not a mandatory requirement. Experience and skill have added advantage over educational qualifications.

Elementary school teachersare generally in charge of one class.  You could be teaching all the subjects for one particular class or handling one subject for different classes of the same level.  So, you could be grouped with two or three teachers to handle multiple classes or handle all the subjects on your own.

Secondary school teachersgenerally specialize in a particular subject, like English, History, Mathematics or biology etc.  Secondary school teachers could be English teachers, Mathematics teachers or any particular subject teachers, depending on their specialization.  If you are Master’s in your chosen subject then it would be to your advantage. Browse this website to learn about getting a Master’s Degree in Education or the school subject of your choice all online.

Vocational Education teachershelp in equipping children with skills in fields such as business, communications, healthcare et al.  The subjects would depend a lot on market-viability.  Vocational teachers may also help in coordinating with companies to get internship for students.

Special Education teachersrequire a license to teach in all the States.  The traditional licensing requires the completion of a special education program in teacher training.  The minimum requirement to qualify for such a course is a bachelor’s degree, though many States require a Master’s degree.  The work of a special education teacher can be emotionally and physically stressful because of the dedication and compassion required to teach students with disabilities.

Online Teachersare mainly for post-secondary teaching.  One must be an authority in the chosen subject or field of interest.  The required educational qualifications may include a PhD in the subject.  Generally these jobs are part-time and do not carry a fixed tenure.

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    Kindly guide me the careers in Teaching

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    am completed my graduation in m g university kerala with 61%.i want to do my msc in correpondane…if i do for that way can write net exam.
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    is it possible to write SLET exam in all state.

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    Iam complete graduation BA ECONOMICS..61%.and complete BED

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