Technical Marketing Engineer Career

Career Description:

With the growth in the use and production of gadgets, gizmos etc in the world today, there is huge demand for those experts who can analyze how well a technology based product will do in the market and how would it be received. These experts are more simple called Technical marketing engineers and they to articulate the benefits of a certain product.

How to Become a Technical Marketing Engineer:

If a person is interested in choosing technical marketing engineering as his profession in the future, then he must first get an engineering degree in any of the fields of engineering, preferably mechanical engineer or electrical or electronic engineering. It is also important to have knowledge of sales and marketing to be able to perform well at this job.

Technical Marketing Engineer Career Courses, Training and Programs:

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering is a must for anyone who wishes to be a technical marketing engineer in a company but apart from this an MBA degree with marketing as the specialization is always welcome. Courses which can hone the interpersonal skills and knowledge of technical aspects of products can also prove to be helpful for a person looking at technical marketing engineering as a career prospect.

Technical Marketing Engineer Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

Many high standard and reputed universities and colleges are offering engineering and marketing courses to students who wish to enter the field of technical marketing engineer.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities:

Michigan Technological University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

State University of New York

Columbia University

Technical Marketing Engineer Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

Any person working as a technical marketing engineer in a company or organisation is expected to earn an average median salary of $95980. This field has enormous scope considering the fact that technology is making fast paced advances and a company needs someone to analyze how a product will do in the market.

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