Technical Support Analyst Career

Career Description:

A technical analyst is in charge of providing support and guidance to workers within a company, with regards to information technology. IT has helped increase communications within a corporation, provided that all workers are comfortable using it. This support is provided by the technical support analyst, who, in case of problems he cannot solve, refers them to more specialized computer analysts. System integration and network analysis are the two most important functions he has to perform.

How to become a technical support analyst:

There are two considerations to keep in mind while thinking about a career in technical support. Usually a bachelor’s degree is required in the field of computer science or business administration. This, however, can be replaced by extensive work experience. Certifications are also offered by many companies which make the individual more desirable to other employers.

Technical Support Analyst Career Courses, Training and Programs:

Some of the most common coursework modules involve management, finance, network and security administration and so on. Training must be provided to students so that they can provide support to the clients when they face usage problems, configuration problems and obstacles while setting up network.

Technical Support Analyst Career Schools/colleges, Education:

There are many schools and colleges which offer degrees in the fields of computer science and business administration. Internships with reputed companies are a must in order to progress in this field. Even engineering is a viable option to enter the field, and schools providing required training must be chosen.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

  1. University of Phoenix
  2. Baker College Online
  3. Strayer University
  4. Kaplan University

Technical support analyst job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Technical support analysts earn around 40,000 USD. This is only an average figure and earnings will vary widely depending on the company he is attached to, his post and work experience.

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