Technology Consultant Career

A technology consultant is a person who provides system design skills and support to companies, organizations and businesses who want to upgrade or establish an information technology network in order to streamline certain processes by increasing efficiency and cutting cost. Thus, he gives technology advice to the companies.

How to become a Technology Consultant

In order to become a technology consultant, one should do a 4 year bachelor’s degree in a technology- related field, such as electronics, management information system, computer science. In order to provide technology consulting on a professional basis, one needs to have a proven track record of their accomplishments in technology consulting. There is no need of advanced formal business training.

Technology Consultant career, courses, training programs 

You can always take specialized courses in information technology once your graduation is over. It is easily available through professional schools and other high institutions. Regardless of the specific degree, technology consultant often has coursework with computer programming, computer engineering, math and statistics. Top level consultants often require advanced degree, either in the form of Master’s or Ph.D. degrees in a computer related field.

Technology Consultant career school, colleges/ universities.

Be updated all the time as information technology changes fast. Change with it. Enroll in inexpensive technology classes at your college and university. Begin your career as system or network administrators, IT analyst or programmers and make your way up to Technology Consultant in just few years.

Top 4 colleges/universities

  • Boston College
  • Texas A&M University
  • Albion College Technology Consultant
  • Kenyon College

Technology Consultant job opportunities, salary/pay

Technology Consultant is projected to be among the fastest growing industry over the next decade. Most technology consultant can expect to earn between $85000 and $110,000 annually. Those with more experience degrees can expect to earn higher income while new comers will be paid less.

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