Telecom Technician Career

Career Description:

A telecom technician is a professional who is responsible for all the technical aspects and issues that arise in the field of telecommunications. The job responsibilities may include taking care of the various signaling disruptions, connectivity issues, etc. This is a specialized job that necessarily requires a professional with an educational background in the area of telecommunications with knowledge of its technical aspects.

How to become a Telecom Technician:

Candidates who want to become a telecom technician can choose to take up telecommunications engineering in their Bachelor’s degree and also preferably do a master degree in the same field. However a candidate with relevant work experience with certain educational requirements being met can also be eligible for the job.

Telecom Technician career courses, training, programs:

Students should opt for such training programs that train students on the technicalities of the field of telecommunications. These courses are very flexible and helpful for the students who want to become successful telecom technicians.

Telecom Technician career schools/colleges, education:

There are many schools, colleges and universities that teach courses in various fields that students can choose from. Some of the best schools and universities are listed below which students can choose from and take advantage of to become a good telecom technician.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

University of Phoenix

North Central University

Capella University

Lincoln Technical Institute

ITT Technical Institute

Telecom Technician career job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Candidates who wish to pursue their career as a telecom technician could find job opportunities in the firms like telecommunications services, health care services, cellular telecommunication companies, network and communications services, etc. About 40% of the working population in the United States working as a telecom technician has a work experience of 10-19 years. According to the salary estimates by Pay Scale and released through National Salary data, the annual compensation of a telecom technician can range between $30,000 and $78,000 with the annual median salary being about $54,000 approximately.

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  1. Darlington Lipenga says:

    I just want to know if telecom techinicians are on high demand world wide inclunding Malawi. And how can you be payed if yok have an advance diploma.

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