Telecom Telephone Line Installer Career

Career Description:

The job of a telecom telephone line installer is an operational entry level job that entails installation and repair of telecom telephone lines at the operational and customer office site. The candidates who want to become a telecom telephone line installer should have the necessary knowledge of basic telephone connections and installation apart from good reasoning skills to be able to detect and resolve issues.

How to become a Telecom Telephone Line Installer:

To become a telecom telephone line installer, candidates need to possess any mandatory education in a specific stream. A Bachelor’s degree in any stream, preferably electrical or mechanic, would suffice. Employers would prefer to hire candidates who have previous work experience in this field of interest.

Telecom Telephone Line Installer career courses, training, programs:

There are a variety of career courses and training programs to choose from. These courses are very helpful in nature as they are intended to develop the concepts of telecom among the students.

Telecom Telephone Line Installer career schools/colleges, education:

There are a variety of schools, colleges and universities that teach courses in telecom telephone line installation. These institutes boast of superior infrastructure, continuously updated feedback, and industry experienced faculty.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

University of Alaska

Boise State University

New England Institute of Technology

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Kaplan University

Telecom Telephone Line Installer career job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Students who are interested to establish their career as a Telecom Telephone Line Installer will find umpteen number of job openings and growth opportunities. Popular sectors that continuously recruit Telecom Telephone Line Installers are telecommunication services, network and communication services, Information Technology services, digital cable, broadband provider companies, etc. The salary estimates of Pay Scale and released via the National Salary data predict the annual compensation of a Telecom Telephone Line Installer to be between $27,000 and $68,000 with the median salary being $47,000 per year approximately. Employers would expect candidates to possess a minimum relevant full time experience of about 4-9 years.



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