Television Producer Career

Career Description:

A television producer is the person who leads the production unit of television series. Television producers have a broad range of duties as they have to make sure the unit is doing their work as required. The producer supervises everything, from the script, to the sets, to the cast. The producer is the source of motivation for the team, and the team’s performance depends on how the television producer fulfils his duties.

How to become a television producer:

It is not always necessary to enroll into a film school to become a television producer. One can pursue a degree in English, journalism, or any other course. What ultimately matters is how one remains interested in production. It is more important to gain experience that gains a degree. Participate in college productions and try out for internships in production houses so that you are able to know more people in the industry and understand the nuances of television production.

Television producer training/ program:

A television producer must be good at executing tasks and high spirits. When you intern or participate in productions, then you will learn how things are managed behind the camera to. Writing, set decoration, costumes, etc, are all part of the production process that you will learn to manage.

Television producer schools/ colleges:

Some schools and colleges offer courses related to production like production coordinating skills, creative thinking, creative writing, etc. Even specializing in costumes, sets, etc. from art and design academies can help you become producers in later stages.

Top 5 colleges/ universities:

  • American Film Institute
  • University of Southern California
  • New York University, Tisch School of Arts
  • University of California Los Angeles
  • Columbia University School of Arts

Television producer job opportunities/ salaries/ recruitment:

Aspiring television producers mostly join a production house for almost any work as they at least get to see what is really happening. Later on, they are promoted to the position of assistants, and as their work gets recognized and appreciated, move up in the production house. They earn an average of $52000 pa but it increases with experience and success of his shows.

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