Theater Director Career

Career description:

A theater director selects a play to be enacted on stage, chooses actors, trains them, and also decides upon the music, sound, stage, costumes and other technical details of a drama. His/her work is quite challenging, as it involves managing different aspects of dramatics simultaneously. In most of the cases, he/she has to improvise a lot to properly shape the drama for a good show on the stage. On certain occasions, a theater director collaborates with the dramatist or himself/herself is the dramatist.

How to become a theater director:

One needs to have an acute sense of directions, acting and other artistic elements if he/she wants to become a renowned theater director. Reading ample books on the subject is one of the crucial factors to be taken into consideration. Directing the actors in short scenes is a way to hone one’s skills at this context. Attaining a degree from a reputed institute is a rational measure to strengthen one’s credentials as a prospective theater director.

Theater director career courses, training, programs:

One ought to go through rigorous training in order to become a theater director. There are several courses in the US curricula that are quite helpful in shaping one’s perspectives in this specific field. The course modules are of world class standard when compared with courses taught in other countries.

The programs for becoming a theater director are extensively designed both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Theater director career schools/colleges, education:

The educational institutes in the US are of top class standard for the purpose of learning theater direction. The facilities are excellent, with experienced faculty and quality infrastructure.
Top 5 schools/colleges:

Arizona State University

Baylor University

Brigham Young University

Case Western Reserve University

Columbia College

Theater director career job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The theater director has huge opportunities to start career in the country. Several big and medium production houses recruit theater directors regularly. The salaries depend on the size of the project, and are usually more than $60,000 per project in case of being employed by a renowned production house.

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