Theatre Director Career

Career description

A theatre director is a person who directs plays and shows to be performed on a theatre. He is incharge of the practice sessions and the creative interpretation of the script given to him or a musical piece’s depiction. He not only oversees the acting of the actors, but is also responsible for the financial aspect and physical constraints of the theatrical show.

How to become a theatre director:

The theatre world requires a lot of creativity and imagination on the part of the director. For this, the major requirement to become a theatre director is in-depth knowledge of acting and managing a theatrical show. One must be open to new ideas and must possess excellent interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.

Theatre director courses, training and programs:

There are many schools of performing arts which give training and classes for a person to become a theatre director. There are courses which are designed to help people learn how to read and interpret plays and scripts. Though no education qualifications are really required, but an educated director will always be more preferred than one who is not.

But people can take up performing art courses which fetches a degree or a certificate in direction to stand a better chance to become a theatre director.

Theatre director schools, colleges, education

There is no shortage of schools and colleges which offer theatre direction as a course. All the major acting or drama school offer this course as one of the major subjects.

Top 5 colleges/universities

  • New York Film academy, New York
  • Kansas Community college, Kansas city
  • Florida school of drama
  • Harold Washington college

Theatre director job opportunities, pay/salaries

This job may not be one with a great scope but is definitely a hot favourite for those interested in direction. The salary can range between $10000 to $30000.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I’m a junior in high school and have been looking at colleges, I’ve been trying to decided to head straight into being a director for movies or to possibly teach theater for high school or college. could you please give me more information about both topics?

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