Top careers for 2011

The top careers of 2011 are an interesting blend of traditional careers and innovative ones. Some of them are as follows:

  • Massage therapy: With more and more people recognizing the health benefits, both physical and mental, of a good massage, this career option has been in great demand in 2011. With skill, proficiency and expertise, massage therapists can also earn substantially. It requires some amount of time and patience to create a reputation for oneself, especially if one is not attached to any institution like a spa or a health resort. However, with time, it has proved to be one of the top career options in 2011.
  • Translator or interpreter: A translator or interpreter is a product of globalization. The demand for translators and interpreters has become enormous thanks to increased diplomatic mobilization across the world. With speed, and knowledge being the prerequisites in this job, successful interpreters have made this the hottest career option for 2011.
  • Software and hardware experts: With the ubiquity of computers and our daily dependence on them for everything, software and hardware experts have become our most prized contacts. With the flipside of technology being frequent crashes and malfunctions, these experts are constantly in demand.
  • Medicine: This is a traditional career which does not seem to go down in the popularity ratings at all. The need for medical specialists is obvious and does not need further elaboration. However, what has changed is the requirement from these professionals. Super specialization is the order of the day and the more skilled and highly qualified a doctor is, the more he is likely to attract patients.
  • Technology and financial consultants: Despite the recession of the past couple of years, this is one job which seems to attract more and more talented individuals with each passing day. It is a well paying job if one is associated with the right players in the field. It requires considerable training and expertise, especially in these economically fragile times.


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