Top Careers for 2012

The top careers for 2012 are interesting and varied. Some of them are expected and some are extremely interesting. A few of the most interesting careers for 2012 are as follows:

  • Physicians and surgeons: As usual, doctors and surgeons take the cake as far as popular career choices are concerned. The ever increasing demand for qualified and competent doctors is interesting. The fields for physicians and doctors have become more varied. Where earlier there would be a demand for doctors qualified in traditional strongholds like cardiology and neurology, now there is a demand for radiologist and orthopedics.
  • Lawyers: Again, a traditionally popular choice of career. Lawyers are highly paid today with corporate law being one of the most competitive and demanding fields in which one can excel. One has to go through grueling training in order to be qualified for law and only those with the passion to survive this challenging training can truly make it big in this tried and tested field.
  • Public relations managers: PR companies are a product of the information age, where everything is commoditized and needs to be pitched n the correct manner to create a lasting impression. One can not only earn well through this kind of a job, but it also opens doors to other jobs which are related and interesting like advertising, personnel management, human resource manager and the like.
  • Athletics: If one has the talent and the determination to survive in this intensely competitive field, there is no limit to the kind of success one can achieve, both monetarily and in terms of respect and adulation. If a sportsperson can last a certain crucial number of years, and be talented and worthy of attention, he or she can truly achieve the pinnacle of glory and success.

Thus we see that the top careers for 2012 are mixed. Some are expected and some quite a surprise. Whatever career one chooses, determination, hard work, and sincerity are the key to success. cv examples

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  1. ananthalaxmianand says:

    sir i have completed my 12exam with a score of1147-190 cutoff.iam interested inphysics and biology but iam weak in maths.iam confused about choosing my career(engineering).please give me career guidance and the scope of it

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