Transport Officer Career

Career Description

The transport officer job profile is mainly related with military personnel and sometimes in civil transport department as well. The transport officer needs to oversee the requirement of different type of transport vehicles for different tasks that include heavy military vehicles as well. In civil departments, they work with transport office to overview that people are following the transport rules and regulation properly. It’s his responsibility to provide assistance on transport rule violation checking and policy development as per the requirement of office.

How to Become a Transport Officer

To become a transport officer, one needs a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, automobile engineering or any other degree in relevant stream. In armed forces one need to pass the physical examination as well, so interested people need to work upon their fitness also. While working with military forces, the prospective candidate has to complete the military training programme designed to teach various type of vehicles, warfare tactics etc. During conflict period, their work becomes more crucial.

Transport Officer Career Courses, Training Programme

Few institutes are offering degree courses and certificate courses in transport and automobiles. Specialized programmes in transportation or short-term course can also prove to be useful.

Transport Officer school/College/Education

As above mentioned that a bachelor degree is a minimum requirement for this job apart from that 2-3 years experience in transport field will be a plus point. A masters’ degree in engineering and transport specialization will be an added advantage.

Top 5 Schools/Colleges/Universities

  1. University of Ohio
  2. Texas State University
  3. Perdue University
  4. University of California-Berkley
  5. Oregon University

Transport Officer Job Opportunities/Recruitment/Salary

The demand for transport officer is in government sector and in some private industries also. An average salary for the job varies between $35,000 to $50,000. If you are recruited in government department than you will get allowances, vacations and other job related benefits, pension plans as well.

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