Transportation Careers

Transportation careers


Transportation industrytouches almost all spheres of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Transportation careersinclude air, water, land transportation, which in turn would include transportation of people as well as goods.  In effect, transportation affects our lives in every possible field.  It is ranked among the biggest industries today, employing millions of workers in various jobs.

The qualifications required for atransportation careermay vary greatly depending on the kind ofcareer pathyou have chosen.  Some careers may require specialized training and qualifications, like those of aircraft pilots, flight engineers, air traffic controllers etc.  However, Post-secondary education may suffice for others while some other jobs may require attending training courses in trade schools and few other jobs may make do with on-the-job training.

There are many differenttypesof transportation careers.  Broadly, we can classify them intoAir Transport careers,Land Transport careers, which would include Motor vehicle operators and Rail transportation occupations and finally,Water transport occupations,which include jobs in both sea as well asriver transportation. Another way of classifying the transportation industry can be those thatmove goods, likecouriercompanies, shipping and freight companies, and those that move people, example:passenger transportation companies.

Transportation industryforms the back bone of economic development of any country. This growing industry offers different and unique career options for people with different educational backgrounds and skills. With technological advances seen in every sphere of our lives, including transportation, the industry now requires highly skilled workforce.

Astransport careersoffer many differentcareer paths, the criteria andjob descriptionvary with each one.  However, if the path you have chosen involves field work, then such jobs would require physical and mental stamina to cope with the stresses at the workplace and excellent health, among other qualities.

Some jobs like those ofship captain,pilotordriverrequire leadership qualities, as well as the grit to work under pressure, as these people are generally, whole and sole in charge of thesafetyof the machines they operate as well as the lives of the people they carry on board.

Work-life balancein transportation industry varies with the job you are holding.  If you have opted for water transportation, then, you may be required to be on the ships orboatsfor long periods of time, which would mean a lot of separation from family.  Those in rail and land transportation, includingautomobileindustry as well as those in aviation jobs generally work in shifts.  However, most jobs in transportation require you to put in more than a 40-hour workweek.


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  1. ruben says:

    I want to start a career in tranportation( as transport officer)
    What are the job descriptions of the transport officer?
    what are the requirements needed to become a transport officer?

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