Transportation Manager

Career Description

Transportation manager is an essential position of travel and tour companies and in many other big organizations, factories etc. The job of a transportation manager is to manage transportation of goods by road, rail or air cargos. He also has to purchase or hire transport vehicles for company, appoint the staff and assessment of transport needs of company. Transportation manager is expected to analyze the financial and expenditure figures of transport services. A safe and timely transportation is his biggest responsibility.

How to Become a Transportation Manager

To become a transportation manager, one needs to have good managerial skills, excellent communication skills and quick problem solving tactics, so that he can keep the transport services well maintained. To get an entry in this field one may start from junior executive post in transport department of company or work experience in HR department may also help in this field. Apart from that, a good knowledge of road and traffic laws of state and federal is also necessary.

Transportation Manger Courses, Training Programme

This job requires at least a basic high school diploma degree with good grades. After that if, you have a bachelor degree in commerce or management stream then it would be an extra advantage. A 2-3 years practical work experience under a senior transportation manager will help the candidates to have expertise in the concerned field.

Transportation Manager School/College/Education

Many state schools and colleges are providing diploma and certificate courses for transportation manager job. The duration and syllabus could vary according to different states. Prior experience in transport sector could help you more.

Top 5 Schools/Colleges/Universities

1.   University of Phoenix

2. Strayer University

3. Capella University

4. Brandman University

5. Colorado Technical University (CTU)

Transportation Manager Job Opportunities/recruitment/Salary

According to The Labor Statistic Bureau of America, this job has a great prospectus in big warehouses, factories and other transport companies. The average salary for this post is $50,000 per annum.

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