Transportation Planner Career

Career Description

Transportation planner job profile is related with urban city transport or regional transportation system. The job is to analyze and develop plans and policies for transportation system and detect the errors and troubles in system and improve them. This includes all type of transportations such as road, rail and air, the transportation terminals, and their smooth operations.

How to Become Transportation Planner

This job is for those people who have engineering or related background, because a transportation planner should be well aware of all kind of transportation modes and their work procedures. Apart from that, a good knowledge of road and railway technology is also required to understand the problems and expectations of this field. A transportation planner need to work in a very systematic environment with team coordination, therefore excellent communication and administration skills are necessary.

Transportation Planner Career Course, Training Programme

A bachelor degree in civil engineering, geography or public policies will help you to get entry in this field. The American Planning Association is also offering certificate course in transportation sector. Interested candidates can join the course and after passing the exam, they will receive a certificate as well by American Institute of Certified Planners. A 2-3 year experience in this field is a must thing.

Transportation Planner Career School/College/Education

Graduate degree in transport planning is available in some colleges and planning institutes. A masters’ degree in transportation planning, urban planning etc. will be an advantage. An advance programme having practical experience or internship in planning and development would sharpen your skills as transportation planner.

Top 5 Schools/Colleges/Universities

1,   University of Maryland

2.  University of Michigan

3.  University of California

4.  University of Oklahoma

5.  College for Creative Studies

Transportation Planner Job Opportunities/Recruitment/Salary

As our cities are spreading up and transportation is services are reaching to remotest areas, so the necessity of transportation planner is growing up. A median salary in this field ranges between $35,441 to $76,690.

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