Transportation Security Officer

Career Description

Transportation security officer career is related to aviation industry. Transportation security officer is responsible to maintain the security measures inside the flight and at the airport. It is his duty to keep a strict check on all entry and exit points of air terminal and aircraft. Transportation security officer is the in charge of luggage, passenger and cargo checking. Apart from that in an emergency, he should be able to respond quickly and effectively.

How to Become Transportation Security Officer

A transportation security officer should possess good communication and language skills to interact in different situations with different people. He should be well aware of all security trends and techniques. The person should be calm minded and able to handle pressure and stressful conditions. A thorough knowledge of x-ray and other screening technologies is very much required for the job.

Transportation Security Officer Career Course, Training Programme

Those who want to excel in this field need a high school degree with good grades. Later on, a bachelor degree in relevant stream, such as security or defense would be more helpful. However, joining training programmes in public security will sharpen your skills as transportation security officer. Apart from academic qualification, physical fitness and sound health condition is equally important for this job.

Transportation Security Officer School/College/Education

After having a diploma or graduate degree, one can go for security related course. Knowledge of x-ray machines and security techniques is also required. Some institutes are offering courses in aviation security. After passing those training programmes and the exams one can apply for the job.

Top 5 Schools/Colleges/Universities

  1. Adelphi University
  2. American Military University
  3. American Public University
  4. Arizona State University
  5. Anna Maria College

Transportation Security Officer Job Opportunity/Recruitment/Salary

Transportation security officer job is an essential requirement of every airline; therefore, as the aviation industry is growing the job vacancies are also increasing. Median salaries for this job vary between $35,105 to $45,933.

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