Travel Nurse Career

The travel nurse has the opportunity of working and travelling at the same time.  One may take on local or national working assignments.  The travel nurse is a registered nurse whose tasks includes treatment of patients, record medical histories, perform diagnostic tests, administer medications, and check on overall health condition.

He is to look for symptoms and administer the necessary treatment.  He is to provide advice and support to the family of the patient as well. With this type of career one has to have a license to practice as a travel nurse.

How to become a Travel Nurse

To become a travel nurse, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing.  Upon completion of a nursing degree one may take the National Council Licensure Examination. One must pass this licensing exam to be able to practice as a registered nurse.  Gain relevant experience in a hospital setting.  Becoming a travel nurse entails one to encounter and handle different types of people.  Aside from having pleasing personality, one must have excellent skills in communication and human relations.

Travel Nurse Courses, training, programs

A nursing degree gives one the necessary knowledge and skills required for this type of career.  The program includes subject areas such as introduction to nursing practice, health indicators, discipline in nursing, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, promoting health and healing, and ethics in health care. Through the program one is able to gain practical skills through hands-on activities.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

University of Washington, Washington

University of California-San Francisco, California

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Travel Nurse Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A travel nurse has an opportunity to earn from $80,000 to $90,000 per year plus benefits.  The total salary of a travel nurse may go up to $100,000 per year. The salary would depend on the work location, employer, experience, and benefits.  Employment may be found in hospitals or clinics through travel nurse agencies.  Since a travel nurse goes to various locations, one benefits by getting a higher average salary, free housing, and paid expenses.



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