Treasury Analyst Career

Treasury Analysts are people who are responsible for duties such as maintaining backing relationships, maintaining cash, debit and interest schedules, handling treasury accounts etc…They work behind the scenes to keep running companies without any hurdles. They ensure that each company and all its departments have adequate cash flow. Treasury Analysts handle risk situations with ease and suggest proper solutions.

How to Become a Treasury Analyst

To become a Treasury Analyst, one has to complete high school education in the commerce background. After schooling, the applicant must complete his Bachelor’s degree in a subject like Accounts or Finance. Graduation can get the applicant this job, but it will be easier for those with a Masters degree to get through the position of a Treasury Analyst. A treasury analyst must be able to take quick decisions and handle risk situations with ease. They must have enough presence of mind to manage situations that demand intelligence.

Treasury Analyst Courses, Training, Programs

Anyone with just a graduation degree should have completed an internship or a training program in a relevant field and under a recognized trainer in order to add more points in his CV. A master’s degree in finance will probably be the best way to get a person this job, but along with knowledge, experience counts a lot to become a treasury analyst. This experience can be obtained by stepping on a smaller level job in the same field first.

TOP 5 colleges/ Universities

City college of New York

Illinois Institute of Technology

Manhattan College

Mississippi State University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Treasury Analyst Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment

This job is considered to be one of the most paying ones in the finance department. Growth is rapid and scope for promotion is huge. The recruitment process might not be very easy as it consists of a lot of rounds and interviews but once in there, a person can earn around $50000 per year.

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