TV Repair Technician Career

Career Description

There comes a time when a television set gets broken and stops working as it should be. As certain malfunctions appear, the TV repair technician makes his investigation to determine the necessary repair needed.  The TV repair technician is tasked to troubleshoot, estimate the cost of repair and parts, and make the adjustments and replacements required.  He is handles cable installation, TV button repair, and speaker replacement.  One may work on the TV set in the shop or may provide service in a customer’s home.  A TV repair technician may also work on VCRs, video recorders and DVD players as well.  Formal training will help one in this career.

How to become a TV Repair Technician

The aspiring TV repair technician may pursue a career by earning a certificate or degree in electronics or TV repair.  Become familiar with the different types of television.  Knowing their similarities and differences will allow one to easily diagnose, troubleshoot and repair a specific type of TV.  Obtain a certification through various certifying bodies or organizations.  Some employers provide on-the-job training to further prepare a TV repair technician for the challenges of the job.

TV Repair Technician Courses, training, programs

A degree electronics allows one to gain a background in basic electrical concepts, current and transformers, diodes and rectification, capacitors and DC filtering, transistors and voltage regulation, audio amplification, control devices and circuits, batteries, digital electronics and computers, resonance and IC filters, analog and audio circuits, and semi-conductors.  Through the program, one will be able to learn various troubleshooting techniques and time management.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

DeVry University (online learning, multiple locations across America)

Colorado Technical University (Colorado, Missouri, South Dakota)

ITT Technical Institute (multiple locations across America)

Kaplan University (online learning)

New England Institute of Technology, Rhode Island

TV Repair Technician Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The average salary of a TV repair technician is $50,000 per year.  The salary depends on one’s work location, type of employer, years of experience and benefits.  Employment may be secured in various electronics and appliance stores.  One may also venture out and be self-employed.

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