Types Of Career Guidance

Career guidance is provided to students on many fronts which when compiled will provide students complete up-to-date information so that they can choose a career that is best for them and can provide them success. Career guidance takes many inputs from the students before suggesting them with a shortlist of careers that could utilize the skills of the students in the best possible manner. Below are some of the types of career guidance that can help students in building a strong foundation to a successful career.

Types Of Career Guidance

There are various types of career guidance that can help the students choose the field of interest:

  • If good quality career guidance is chosen, then students can see a significant difference in their approach towards their preparation for their career. Career guidance can be given with experience from previous experts and professionals.
  • Career guidance when given with focus on different sections can provide good overall view of the careers. Career guidance is given on the general information about the career, the educational requirements to opt for the career, schools and universities that provide the best courses in that field, etc.
  • Career guidance can also focus on work related aspects where employers look for candidates with experience rather than educational compliance and certifications. These career guidance sessions provide emphasis on the aspects that candidates should know from work point of view. Candidates need to direct their efforts in gaining hands-on experience in this case.
  • Certain career guidance can also give weightage to evaluation and comparison of various careers on various fronts.
  • The career guidance sessions also focus on influence of various internal and external factors along with the importance of considering the expectations of various stakeholders.
  • Students can make reasonable assumptions and realistic plans at gaining all the requisite courses, education and skills. This helps in progressing from being a student and a professional in a much better way.

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