Veterinary Receptionist Career

A veterinary receptionist is a person who works in a veterinary center or vet clinic as a receptionist and handles calls and inquiries, directs clients and performs many other such duties. To become a veterinary receptionist, one must have good communication skills and also knowledge about pets and animals to be able to help the vet if the need arises. The following is a detailed career description of a person interested in becoming a veterinary receptionist.

How to become a veterinary receptionist:

If you are someone who is interested in becoming a veterinary receptionist, then you must first pass high school with decent grades and then go onto pursue a bachelor degree in addition to training of a veterinary receptionist. One can pursue a diploma in Veterinary receptionist studies which may train him/her to perform basic duties of the job.

Veterinary receptionist career courses, training, programs:

High school education is a necessary requirement to become a veterinary receptionist. Apart from that, a diploma course in veterinary receptionist studies and a state license is also a compulsory requirement. Those with bachelors or associate degree are preferred by vets while hiring people at the position of veterinary receptionist.

Veterinary receptionist career schools/colleges, education:

There is no shortage of institutes and colleges that provide courses in veterinary receptionist studies. These institutes and colleges impart knowledge of scientific principles and classes may include lab work, lecture and an understanding of scientific theory as well.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Sanford Brown University

Capella University

Herzing University

Walden University

Veterinary receptionist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Any person who is working at the position of a veterinary receptionist can expect to earn an annual media salary of $23130. This figure may vary on the nature of the job and the location of employment.  The job opportunities in this field are not very bright.

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