Video Game Programmer Careers

Becoming a video game programmer is one of the best careers to take in today’s modern world. About millions of dollars are being generated on video games each year that makes it a big threat to the movie industry. Through the years, there has been an increase in the demand of video games resulting to the increased of video game programmer career. Today, the video game industry is looking for new talents that bring fresh and interesting ideas about video games.

How to Become a Video Game Programmer

Becoming a video game programmer has never been easy. You need to undergo through certain trainings to fully enhance your skills in developing a video game. A video game programmer usually holds a bachelor’s degree specifically in Information technology, digital animation, computer science, software engineering or other computer related courses. You should also be skilled in handling different computer applications such as 2D software, 3D modeling and computer programming languages like Java and C++.

Types, Description, Information

There are different kinds of video game programmers depending on the specialty they choose. Some of the types of programmers are AI programmer, input programmer, technology programmer and many others.

A video game programmer constructs video games and designs. They play an important role in the development of a video game and all its aspects including themes, story, designs, controls and many more. They are usually a part of the video game development team and works with video designers and producers to build a game that would catch the attention of everyone. A video game programmer also enhances and develops video codes to make the video game fun and exciting.

Qualification: Courses, Training, Certification

A video game programmer possesses great problem solving abilities, mathematical and 3D modeling skills. They also have an advanced knowledge in graphic designs, video game programs, and different programming languages like C++. For this, trainings are usually taken.

Video game programmers are also skilled in software engineering, data structures, and assembly level programming which will be acquired in an extensive course in an information technology school. In addition, video game programmers should also be skilled in wiring and communication skills such as English.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Because of the increasing demand for video game programmers, many schools have opened up courses relating to video game courses. Some of these schools are as follows.

  • Westwood College
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburg
  • IT Technical Institute
  • Digital Media Arts College
  • Westwood College of Technology
  • American Sentinel University
  • Brown College
  • The Arts Institute

Job Opportunities in Video Game Development

People play video games almost anywhere. They can either play it through cell phones, computers and other every type of gaming consoles. Because of this, there has been a drastic demand for video game programmers throughout the world. Some companies even try to offer video game programmers with great salary and benefits for employment that makes it more interesting.

Therefore, this career is currently in demand in the IT industry and this demand is expected to continuously increase as the years pass.

Salary depends on the level of expertise but it usually has an average of $ 50,000 per year.

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