Vocational Nurse Career

Career Description:

The vocational nurse, or at times called licensed vocational nurse, is an integral part of the medical staff.  His responsibilities cover a broad aspect of patient care.  It covers monitoring patient condition, tracking vital signs, recording changes and improvements, providing medication and treatment, dressing wounds and assist doctors in certain procedures.  One is also tasked to assist a patient in bathing, feeding, walking and other needs.  A vocational nurse directly reports to the registered nurse.  He is to give proper and accurate documentation and charts of a patient’s progress or condition.  The vocational nurse must have good communication and interpersonal skills to successfully accomplish his tasks.

How to become a Vocational Nurse

The path towards a career in vocational nursing does not take too long.  Upon graduation from high school, one can then take a vocational nursing program.  The vocational nursing program usually takes a year to accomplish.  One can then take the NCLEX-VN to have an opportunity to practice as a licensed vocational nurse.  Upon obtaining a license, one can then apply in any healthcare facility or hospital to practice his career as a vocational nurse. Gain relevant experience and pursue a degree in nursing.  A degree in nursing helps one advance and become a registered nurse.

Vocational Nurse Courses, training, programs

Vocational nurse courses cover human anatomy, physiology, nursing practices, nursing history, nursing skills, medication administration, and clinical training. The training program does not only cover nursing theories but practical activities as well.  The program helps one in doing his role as a vocational nurse.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

University of Washington, Washington

University of California-San Francisco, California

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Vocational Nurse Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Employment opportunities can be found in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, medical centers, schools, nursing care facilities, home healthcare services, employment services, community care facilities, or government agencies.  A vocational nurse may earn from $29,966 to $55,605 per year.  One has a great opportunity to advance and become a registered nurse as one gains experience as a vocational nurse.

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